IBEX is a leading provider of contact centre services and other business process outsourcing solutions to blue-chip enterprise customers. The Company employs approximately over 15,000 staff in sixteen locations situated in five countries, and provides services in eleven languages. IBEX has over 70 enterprise clients.

The majority of IBEX’s clients are corporations that outsource some or all of their contact centre operations. The Group’s specialisation is in the voice-based contact centre services area where it provides a complete suite of voice-based services to clients. Some of these services include inbound technical support, inbound customer care, inbound sales, inbound customer retention and outbound customer acquisition.

Over 90 percent of the Group’s revenues derive from contact centre market segments that involve extensive agent training, are essential to the Group’s clients’ ongoing corporate performance, and can be difficult for clients to replace. Such segments include inbound customer support, inbound technical assistance, and inbound sales order entry.

Corporations have increasingly chosen to outsource non-core business processes because of the potential benefits of specialisation and cost efficiency provided by external vendors. During 2012, corporations spent $290 billion globally on the outsourcing of business processes from remote locations. Of this total, $58 billion was spent on the outsourcing of voice-based services such as customer service, technical support and customer acquisition and retention, an amount forecasted to grow at a compound rate of over 5 percent for the next five years.

The Group focuses heavily on understanding the labour markets in which it operates and on targeting wage and benefit levels for its staff that result in an optimal labour cost structure. Over the past three years, this focus has contributed to an improvement in annual staff retention rates of over 20 percent. The Group has also pursued a strategy of minimising fixed overhead expenses by locating the majority of its support functions in cost-efficient locations such as Pakistan and the Philippines, carefully managing telecommunications costs and deploying internally developed and scalable management processes and systems.

At present, the Group has a focus on US consumer technology and telecommunications companies. To diversify its business, the Group intends to acquire clients in complementary industries such as health care and utilities and in geographies such as Canada, the United Kingdom and France, where the Group either has incumbent customers or possess language and delivery capability.